Studio Practice 17.04.2010

by jennycoreblog

Currently, I’ve been pursing the idea of the ‘impossible’ and the ‘ludicrous’ through the physical concept of space.

I have been experimenting with different drawing processes based on this idea of ‘nothingness’.  I have extracted words from the ’empty’ space (white noise) of the radio. The words are selected at random as I go through each radio station, which results in obscure narratives being formed. The narratives vary from humorous to the uncanny to the sinister.

Using these developed narratives, visuals have been created  using  found objects, to ‘re-inact’  these scenes, on discarded board. Exploring different researched drawing techniques, influenced by  historic art movements with regards to their application techniques.

The work is a result of’ matheme; the process of a negative  becoming a positive – something deriving from nothing.

I really want to move forward on this ‘obscured’ concept of something being extracted from absolute ‘nothingness’ as ‘nothingness’ does not exist in our reality. To have nothingness it requires something to become nothing, which is opposing ideals. I want to bring forward the idea of  the body of work being absolute bollocks with its concept in our current reality, (’empty’ space existing). However, my work encourages engagement with the audience, which is what I want to achieve in my work. I want the work to be perceived as light hearted, fun and ludicrous; contrasting to its actual concept