Studio Practice 24.04.2010

by jennycoreblog

The working progress of 1.12.

Film Work.

Referring back to Morph, a film piece I exhibited in December:

Morph was produced using a found tube, light and performance/interaction. I wanted to continue with representing the elasticity of space to progress my film work.

I recently acquired a densitometer, it’s in pretty bad shape but the light still works as well as its readings (how accurate these readings are is another question!). The densitometer is a device that measures degree’s of darkness, usually for photographs or reflective surfaces/materials. I wanted to incorporate this found object with my progression of my representations of space.

Using the densitometer and another required object, a *stainless steel tube, I wanted to concentrate on the materials properties to coincide the properties of space.  The objects are sturdy, reflective and solid and to contradict this, an installation has been assembled through balance. This arrangement contradicts its properties when it engages with light creating ever changing fluid and elastic like morphing forms. It’s interesting how something so ‘sturdy’ can create an opposite of something fluid-like.

I engage with the installation to mimic how one can pass through a space and the surrounding space will alter to accommodate ones existence. Space is described as “elastic”, which is quite a suffocating notion, being permanently engulfed my space. With my engagement, shapes are formed and alter by the light reflecting in the steel tube, which is interacting with the densitometer.

This process deconstructs the familiar objects that creates unfamiliar forms. The forms result in hypnotising movements and intriguing colours from the different levels of light exposure. Throughout the making process, the densitometer reading was predominately 1.12. This figure has made its way to the works title! Now it’s film editing time…

*I am drawn to tubes in my practice because it leads me to the idea that you can look through something and see the world differently. It works with my alternate space thatI have created for my work to exist and to be engaged with.


Paul Klee

“play with forms to lead him into such fantasies”. Story of Art, p.449.

Rene Magritte

“not copying reality but rather creating a new reality”. Story of Art, p. 449