Studio Practice 10.08.2010

by jennycoreblog

My studio practice is currently focusing in the following 3 main components:

1) The ‘impossible’

2) Play

3) Chance

The Impossible

I am looking more specifically at the physical concept of ’empty’ space. I have defined ’emptiness’ as an area deprived/removed of objects., matter and ether. The sheer ‘nothingness’, which I am investigating is deemed as impossible in out current reality. It is a space where no one and nothing can exist. If this was in fact achievable how would it exist if we can’t see it/ be in it/ engage with it. Surely, (on a more philosophical level) if a space of ‘nothingness’ did exist, if we are thinking about it and acknowledging it, would it not make it ‘something’?

The closest we have come to achieving ‘nothing’ is the creation of the vacuum. However, reduced of matter, it is still “seething with activity”, (Henning Genz, Nothing. The Science of Empty Space) allowing particles to oscillate, resulting in light being able ti travel through this vacuum.

In my practice, I am not trying to resolve ’emptiness’, I am not obsessed with filling. I am fascinated with the idea of the ‘impossible’ and see this as quite a closed minded word. If we deemed everything as impossible, would anything have been discovered or created? A century ago the atom was seen as the smallest possible ‘thing’ on this earth, thinking of something smaller was ludicrous! Absolute silliness! Then Otto Han and Fritz Strassman split this atom in 1938, not so silly now is it? With an open mind and the intellect of Otto Han (!), can we achieve the ‘unachievable’, (if we are now acknowledging this as a word)?

I have created a space, an alternate reality, where my experimental ‘play’ makes the impossible possible, resulting in the ludicrous becoming mundane. It is a space of opposites.


Experiments, trials and investigations all hold elements of ‘play’. Through actions of play, we explore, learn and converse. These elements relate to our childhood. What is challenging is trying to articulate play, ‘controlling’ play. Are these not opposing terms unless we define ‘controlling’ as ‘rules’.

As we get older, I think we forget how to play; corrupted my life’s seriousness! There is nothing wrong with the serious, as there is nothing wrong with silliness. I am using my research in physics and juxtaposing those experiments with humour, the light hearted and opposing qualities to compliment the theme of my alternate space.


*Definition of chance: I define chance as the unforeseeable, the unintentional and the adventitious.

Introducing chance into my utopia was a result of my experimental drawing and moving imagery work. Discovering how something can fall into place by chance with remarkable composition. Chance fits into my areas of ‘impossible’ and ‘play’, forming a more ludicrous concept of this created space.

These three ingredients contributed to the formation of my alternate reality/utopia. This utopia was created to give the audience a space dedicated to play.

The space can be seen as a form of escapism but this was not my intention. I want to remind us how to play, display an opportunity. It introduces alternate ways of seeing the world. A light hearted reality, that encourages us not to take ourselves too seriously amongst ‘extensive’ ‘intellectual’ information, which we engage with engage with every day. You could say that I am appropriating Homi K Bhabha’s cultural Third Space

Recent Drawing Dabbling

With the above points in mind I have set myself on a quest through the mystifying world of drawing. I love to watch ‘things’ being created. Getting involved with each stage of the process, which eventually we can then call it ‘complete’. I created a series of drawings (influenced by Francis Alys) on tracing paper of inanimate objects found my studio, (I am categorising this under chance as it was not pre-meditated, but could it be subconscious? – areas of chance get complicated – refer to definition above). I pieced these ‘completed’ drawings together through ideas of narratives, mimicking experiments that investigate emptiness. The work was pieced together as if I was solving a redundant puzzle, were the pieces don’t quite fit. From chance came play, which created the ludicrous scene of my ‘impossible’ subject matter.

Process Smo -cess

Although process led with intentions of seeing depth and encouraging some sculptural qualities, like my recent film works, Morph and 1:12. I do not think this process works aesthetically. I have a preference to minimal aesthetics, a clear image with no visual complications to encourage audience engagement. I feel the layering of paper has created too many sections and disruptive angles, which interferes with the drawings itself. Although, I do find the idea of seeing how this has been constructed, it just aesthetically, does not work. The series is still important and a great step in the right direction for my work.

One Big Step for a Little Artist
* I am a mere 5 foot tall.

What would happen if i was to transfer the created image onto paper in a more traditional process? Let us experiment!

Compositionally, this works better! However, I am still attached to alternate ways of seeing and the process led. Aware of the fact the new drawings were achieved from a process, the uniform/standard way of ‘showing’ the works does not excite me! Having said that, the drawing created hold a certain ambiguity and may be it does not need to be tampered with due to its playful, uncanny quality.

Where Will My Little Metaphorical Steps Take Me Next…?

Having achieved a range of range of drawing works, I want to push this idea of engagement with drawing. Could I make this a physical interaction with the drawing? Could I start something and the viewer finish it? May be I could make something, which would continue making on its own, a constant, obsessive invention, created to create…interesting!

Whilst I marinate in my own thoughts, I will get these works framed for my upcoming exhibitions:

Eclectic Field
Urbis Creatives.
The Triangle, Manchester.
23rd September -> 30th September 2010

Free For Arts Festival
1st October -> 9th October 2010

Mirabel Open Studio
Mirabel Street, Manchester.
9th & 10th October 2010

I hope to see you there guys! Keep an eye on my website,

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