Manchester Artist Bonfire Pledge

by jennycoreblog

Pledge #1 Jenny Core

Name:       Jenny Core
Practice: Interdisciplinary Artist
Ones initial concept of the Manchester Artist Bonfire event could connote’destruction’, ‘loss’ and ‘negativity’. These initial preconceptions mirror the current happenings of the extravagant cuts to the Arts. These cut backs have compromised funding applications and diminished a large amount of jobs and opportunities in our creative sector. In this pool of negativity, we need to try and respond positively to the cuts and create new work reflecting this new era. I see the Artist Bonfire event as an act of positive political activism. An artistic performance of individual works creating a whole, in order to bring the artistic community together.
This collaboration between the Manchester based artists will signify the start of the new age in art. And we will create this new art through a performative ‘alchemic’ process; transforming your contributed works into embers, resulting inour new work.
My contribution to the bonfire is a piece by Michael Chevez-Dawson (refer below for artwork details). I chose this particular work for the flames to continue its purpose of concealment. The act of the art being ‘destroyed’ is my contribution to Chevez-Dawsons work, progressing its original purpose. I am not burning another artists’ work with intentions to provoke ideas of ownership and vandalism. I am doing this to continue my pledge of artist collaboration, an ‘economic transformation’.
In the words of Michael Landy, “Burn what you love and love what you burn”.
Details of Artwork:
I choose to burn Michael Chevez-Dawons’ piece, Economic Transformation (The Alchemic Misers Touch), which I acquired at the Buy Art Fair 2008 at Urbis, Manchester. The work is a piece of paper folded up and encased in a clear film and I was told never to view the work. Three years later I haven’t broken the seal and satisfied my curiosity, as this will destroy its aura. The torment and wonder is what I love about the art and I want to bring this forward and deny the world of viewing the contents of what is on this piece of paper. Burning the work is a continuation of its purpose, the act is not malicious, a conflict of ownership or a slap in the face to Mr. Chevez-Dawson!