Prep Time

by jennycoreblog

Count down to solo show – 29th April 2011

Currently preparing (myself!) for my first solo show at Untitled Gallery, Manchester ( I am very excited… anxious… and if anyone has any nostalgic stories or wonderful words of wisdom please leave a comment!

What I will be doing at the gallery is using the space to show my 2D White Noise series exploring the ‘impossible’, ‘play’ and ‘chance’. The sequence has been produced by extracting words from the ’emptiness’ of the radio, which created short narratives. Using discarded objects (observing and using them physically), I created visual scenes, bringing the texts to life.

I want to create a space of ‘play’ and the outright ludicrous for the viewer to engage with. I haven’t got the intentions of ‘escapism’, but an alternate reality, it is almost an invitation to my utopia. Could I say a ‘social utopia’? An area that reminds us the importance of ‘play’ – experiment & discover/learn. Inevitably, my little utopia will be someones nightmare but it will be interesting to find out how other people will respond to the works! The audience could accept the playful experimenting with the idea of extracting ‘something’ from ‘nothing’ or reject the concept completely! Stanley Kubrick said “art is play” and if it was for everyone then it wouldn’t be art. Reassuring words!

I have completed 7 pieces so far, (some had to be restored due to transport damage form previous showings!Boo!), and I am continuing to make new drawings  for the show.

I will keep this space up to date with the preparations for my first time flying solo.