Prep Time

by jennycoreblog

Exhibition Status: 74 Days to opening night

My Current Status: Optimistic

After beavering away in the studio this past week, I have created more drawing works for the show as well as a new brewing area! All in all, a very productive week. I am trying to be as diverse and experimental as possible in the execution and delivery of the ‘narratives’:

Theory of Narratology.

Whilst narratology can be broadly defined as the study of narrative, it is perhaps best described as the structuralist study of narrative plots. One of the most significant developments in narratology was the publication in 1966 of the eighth issue if Communications at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, which was for a long time the main bastion of French Structuralism. Prefaced by an introduction to the structural analysis of narrative by Barthes (1966a), it included major contributions by the main theorists of narratology: Greimas, Bremond, Metz, Todorov and Genette; and Umberto ECO’s essay on the narrative structures of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels provided a timely reminder that structuralist analysis can be entertaining.

Macey D, (2000) The Penguin Dictionary of Critical Theory, Penguin Books, London.

My series will be acknowledging structuralism  – the sensical and opposing this with the non-sensical from the extracted words… where sometimes there is actual sense within the non -sensical, through the process of ‘chance’.

Other Happenings…

Katie from Untitled Gallery will be dropping by the studio next week so we can select works for the show. [This will be a great time to utilise my new brewing area!].

In other news I am continuing with my digital works and going on an Arduino course at The Omniversity of Manchester with Mad Lab UK this week.