Thinking Tank Part Deux

by jennycoreblog

Anti Social

Pencil on paper

After days of experimenting with different media and compositions, I have finally found a composition that works! Bringing forward the solid forms from my last series of works (narratives from the radio), I have produced a representation of a chair facing away from the viewer to provide a ‘dismissive’ response to the viewers presence (with reference to the subject being aware of being watch – i.e -Jacopo Robusti, Susannah and the Elders). By creating depth to the drawing insinuates a ‘distance’ between the viewer and the object emphasising an ‘anti-social’ individuals presence; the viewer has interrupted the subjects ‘sitting’, the black solid lines represent the hostile action of the chair being dragged further into the work/space. Aesthetics are simple and linear, and the piece is compositionally minimal and quite quirky. The work almost looks like a surreal form (quite nostalgic of Dhali’s work)a nd has an architectural feel through it’s structural qualities, creating an uneasy/unsteady structure destined to fall.