Thinking Tank

by jennycoreblog

Do Not Sit On The Fence

Mixed media on paper.

Having ‘completed’ the drawing piece, I found the unpredictable and uncontrollable values of the inks and coffee very interesting! Using the patterns formed as the surface pattern of the fence I was able to further this by working into the edges of the forms creating depths and a more ‘dramatic’ lighting for character and ambiguity. I am feeling more confident using chance and the social (humour) in my work, which is encouraging me to investigate further. I want to bring forward the ‘serious'(?), ‘play’, ‘humour’ and the familiar. I love a constant narrative and want to continue this through my works with each piece existing for itself (with reference to Bertolt Brecht).


David Shrigley

Jenny Holzer

Francis Alyis

Oliver Michaels

Jeppe Hein (Please Do Not Touch The Artwork)